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What happens when you put two dogs in a bus?

As we travel around New Zealand in our trusty campervan, The Kiwi Blog Bus, we are always entertained by the antics of our fluffy friends, Jess and Pip the travelling dogs.

On occasions I think they are a pain in the rear end and I wonder why we choose to travel with them when often they could stay at home with the teenage son, but then… they look at you with those big eyes and all is forgiven.

Well almost all.. Read More…

Down at the beach… are you sure it’s Autumn?

Part of our recent trip away involved a night at Whangamata in the beautiful Coromandel.

We stayed overnight in an avocado orchard (an NZMCA POP site) which we have visited before, and then went into town for a spot of shopping and to visit the beach.

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I’m pathetic on the peaks of Mount Pirongia

New Zealand is a land of volcanos, extinct or otherwise. 
They are especially prominent in the North Island where many of the striking landscape features are due to several million years of volcanic activity.

The highest mountain in the Waikato is the extinct volcano, Mount Pirongia, situated just 25km from my home town of Cambridge.

The Kiwi Blog Bus stopped there last weekend and todays post is about that part of our Easter trip. Read More…

Lake Ngaroto, a simple but enchanting place to get back to nature

Close to Hamilton, Cambridge and Te Awamutu is Waipa’s largest peat lake, Lake Ngaroto, and this pleasant destination was the first port of call for the Kiwi Blog Bus on its recent Easter weekend jaunt.

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A little bit of bus


Just a quick picture from one of our Good Friday destinations to keep you going.
I’ll post about our trip in full when we get home but so far it will contain a lake, a mountain and another fab New Zealand sunset.

More travelling dogs

Jess and Pip, were introduced to readers of the Kiwi Blog Bus back in January in this post.

The dogs come with us on every single trip we make in the bus and they just absolutely love it.

Pip is ready to go

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and a belated Happy New Year … kiwi style

We were several days into our East Cape road trip when we reached Tokomaru Bay on 31st December 2011.

Travelling with two children, two dogs and my parents (in their own camper) we weren’t particularly looking for a parteeeeee spot for New Years Eve. Read More…

Waihau: Boy, Rockpools and salty sea dogs

Approximately 1o0kms from Opotiki is Waihau Bay.

Waihau was used as a film location in one of my favourite New Zealand films; BOY. Read More…

Think I need a bigger boat

In my earlier introduction to our travelling bus dogs, Jess and Pip, I mentioned about Jess’s love of kayaking.

I thought I would post some pictures of her latest kayak escapades and how it went down when we tried to introduce Pip to the family pastime.
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Waitangi Day dogs


Jess and Pip have spent the morning beachcombing, kayaking and guarding the bus.
They are pretty worn out now but just managed to stay awake for a spot of lunch at Te Puna before we head home.

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