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4 responses to “Contact”

  1. Mat & Molly Foster says :

    Hi I was just reading some of your posts and they are really great. My husband moved here from England 8 years ago and has been living full time with me in our bus Blue Yonder for the past 6 years. He loved New Zealand so much he went home sold everything and returned. Hope to meet you on the road one day.
    Mat and Molly Foster

  2. Bryan J (#16890) says :

    Hi Vicki
    We enjoy your energetic blogsite, via the NZMCA web site. Well written and enjoyable. My wife and I, though NZMCA members (part of the silent majority) are currently touring Australia in 6-9 month stages, taking several years to complete our journey before returning to good ol’ NZ to travel our golden years here. We too run a blogsite and would be interested in your comments on it. Happy travelling, and may your computer woes be few!!

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