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Are you a muggle or a seeker?

And I’m not talking about Harry Potter.

Although you may have been pottering through a park when you spied a seeker; a modern-day treasure hunter partaking in the popular activity of geocaching. Read More…


Earlier today, for some unknown reason, a blog post that I was in the middle of drafting decided to post itself live on my blog – 26 times. Read More…

Situation update…..

Those that read my ramblings a couple of days ago will know that I am currently computer-less after my desktop died a sudden death and got sent off to Mr Warranty Man for a diagnosis.

Mr W.M. has confirmed that said computer is dead (as a door nail) and seeing as it was only two years old I, very fortunately, get sent a replacement.

Hurrah! and more hurrahing! Read More…

And today my blog is bought to you from …..

….a weekend at home in Cambridge.
A Saturday morning lie-in, drinking coffee and borrowing Sam’s netbook.

I wonder where you are reading my blog from?

Read More…

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