Hello again

So SO many apologies are owed to my long time committed readers of this blog.

I abandoned you.
I’m sorry.

The belated news is that just over a year ago we actually sold the Kiwi Blog Bus 😦

We were all sad to see it go after having many happy holiday around New Zealand and enjoyed the wonderful convenience of travelling in a bus / campervan.

However – we were still travelling, but in another direction.
We moved to a lifestyle block.
We are the very proud owners of a tiny two bedroom cottage on an acre and a bit of prime NZ land.

Slowly but surely, aided by funds from the sale of the Blog Bus, we are doing up our do-er upper with the addition of some KiwiAnnison favourites: a huge veggie garden, a tractor shed (full of tractors!), a paddock for the miniature horse, a field full of Christmas trees and chooks… etc….

So for all those that may be interested in following the tales of our “Kiwi Good Life” – you can now do so via the new blog I have started 🙂

And for Kiwi Blog Bus fans – I may still dip in here and write up a few travel stories from the good old bus days, or just general NZ travel tales I think you may just be interested in.

I won’t finish with a goodbye as hopefully this is the recommencement of something that lots of you will stick by my side on.
See you soon

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2 responses to “Hello again”

  1. Bryan and Raewyn (Jenkins) says :

    Sorry you’ve sold your bus, Vicki, but good luck in your new venture. We’ve now finished our own huge jaunt around Australia, which you can visit at ‘austadventures.blogspot.com’. We accepted an offer to buy our caravan in Adelaide in Sept last year, so drove (caravanless) from Adelaide to Melbourne to complete our circuit – some 48 000 kms, in 4.5 years. Now we’re back in NZ, we hope to buy a motorhome later this year and do the same as you’ve done – but at a slower rate.

    I hope you’re members of the NZMCA. If not, I certainly recomnmend it, even if you’ve settled down (semi-permanently I think.)

    Best wishes for a hearty year and exciting future. Thanks for all your articles and photos

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      Thank you – and congrats on completing your big Aussie trip!
      Hope you pop in and visit KiwiGoodLife and perhaps still read the Blog Bus – in case it helps with any of your own kiwi adventures 🙂

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