Travelling Dogs – Introducing Jess and Pip

Part of the joy of travelling in our bus, and not having to book various types of other accomodation, is that we can take along our two dogs.

I’m not about to get all mushy and soppy about dogs but they are part of our family and bound to crop up in the blog a lot so I thought I would officially introduce them.

Jess is a two-year-old Bichon/Poodle/Lhasa-Apso.
She is a devoted family pet (with a stubborn streak) who loves cheese, peanuts and kayaking.

Pip joined our family in June 2011. She is a little bit of an oddball.
Apparently mum was a Bichon/Foxy and dad was a Poodle/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Hmmmm.
At times you would think she is part kangeroo or meerkat.

Fortunately they have both taken to travelling rather well.

They love going away in the bus and eagerly hop in and settle down to see where we are taking them this time.

Unfortunately they seem to think the two big seats at the front are for them.

We evict them with a little coaxing and pushing, and a cloud of dog hair, and they find somewhere to settle for the journey.

Quite often a window is involved – with space for a small dog nose to be pushed out.

Please stay tuned to see more adventures of Jess & Pip – travelling dogs on the Kiwi Blog Bus.

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One response to “Travelling Dogs – Introducing Jess and Pip”

  1. forevervintageblog says :

    Ok, your dogs are so cute!! My dog is really the cutest, but yours come close second. 🙂

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