Soak up some of New Zealand’s social history

From the Kiwi Annison Archives….

I have a new project at work, and I love it.

As part of my Communications role at Mystery Creek Events Centre, I am to help promote the wonderful Ag Heritage Village; a fantastic destination for school and group visits which offers a unique glimpse into New Zealand’s pioneering past.

I find this kind of social history absolutely fascinating, a fact you may have gathered if you are one of my regular blog readers!

To see not just historic buildings and artifacts but learn how people lived and worked is just amazingly interesting.

Historic villages and social history museums are like an introduction to a large number of fascinating people whom you could ever hope to meet in your “real” life.
Not really an opportunity to sniff your nose up at!

I cannot really blog on Kiwi Blog Bus about visiting the Ag Heritage site (but could urge you to have a look at the wonderful pictures on the link above!) however, it bought to mind some of the other wonderful historical villages in New Zealand that we have visited.

I have already written about our visit to the amazing Howick Historical Village in Auckland… I was struck with Howick. 

So today I will write a little about our trip a couple of years ago to the Taranaki Pioneer Village, near Stratford.

The village’s ten acres offer ‘A nostalgic walk through yesteryear’ with 40 authentic historic buildings dating back to 1853.

There really is almost every type of building you would imagine, including: courthouse, hospital, forge, barber, railway station,  school, jail and more.

There are also hundreds of artifacts and interesting items spread throughout the buildings. My parents got to reminisce over lots of products and items familiar to their generation, while my children were interested to hear tales of how things used to be and got to see and touch many of the items on display.

You’re never too old to pretend!

Our son, Dexter. Words fail !!

Next time you have a free day, consider going somewhere to catch up on your social history – it’s amazing how many people you may feel like you’ve met.

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3 responses to “Soak up some of New Zealand’s social history”

  1. gonerustic says :

    Love the pioneer village – great to see it so well preserved! =D

  2. New Zealand Tour says :

    Excellent post. Worth sharing while traveling to New Zealand.

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