More travelling dogs

Jess and Pip, were introduced to readers of the Kiwi Blog Bus back in January in this post.

The dogs come with us on every single trip we make in the bus and they just absolutely love it.

Pip is ready to go

If we go into the bus for any reason while it’s parked outside our house  – they jump in, get comfortable and look very expectant.

You can almost hear their sulky complaints when we turf them out and shut the door.

Jess and Pip at home having a rest from travelling

We are very fortunate that they like to travel with us and don’t get car (or should I say bus) sick.

Pip is happy to sleep while we travel while Jess likes to look out of the window.
Actually she prefers to stick her head out of the window but she isn’t always allowed.

Jess in her favourite spot - on my knee with her face out of the window

When we arrive at a destination we are very careful to keep the dogs on leads.
Partly as we don’t want them to disappear but also to protect wildlife and many of New Zealand’s fantastic birds.

They are both big softies and I don’t know what either of them would do if they actually came face-to-face with some wildlife .
Pip would probably try to make friends – no matter what the size of the other animal.
So, the dogs are usually fastened, by chain or leash, to the bus or a screw in the ground thingy-ma-jingy.

Restrained dogs (because they are just so WILD!)

But after we’ve had time to check out our locality we do like to let them of for a run around if there’s a suitable place.

Many New Zealand beaches have rules about allowing dogs (on or off the lead.)
Some beaches allow dogs at anytime while there are also some definite “no dogs permitted” beaches too.

Many are seasonal and/or allow dogs off leads after a certain time of day.
We always check (and we always pick up after our dogs too).
But I hate to say some people don’t – shame on them.

So, anyway.. the dogs were complaining that they haven’t had enough coverage on this blog thing that I do all the time now.
They sat and stared at me until I promised to put on some more photos.

Jess and Pip – Our travelling dogs…

Jess at Simpsons Beach, Coromandel

Exercising the young 'uns

Jess at Lake Tarawera

Keeping a watchful eye over all the beach

We introduce the dogs to cricket - they don't really understand it


Playing in a Hawkes Bay apple orchard we stayed at

Tapapakanga - Pip was lost in long grass and had to keep standing up on her back legs to look around

Part of the family

The dogs and I sat waiting for the Kiwi Blog Bus to pick us up after a long walk

Woof, woof.

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2 responses to “More travelling dogs”

  1. The Feists Great Escape says :

    I have a westie who loves to travel with us too. Gus loves road trips and especially the times when we go camping.

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      It’s one of the best parts of camping… getting to take your dogs with you.
      Thanks for checking out my blog, Jess and Pip will be continuing their adventures soon 🙂

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