Down at the beach… are you sure it’s Autumn?

Part of our recent trip away involved a night at Whangamata in the beautiful Coromandel.

We stayed overnight in an avocado orchard (an NZMCA POP site) which we have visited before, and then went into town for a spot of shopping and to visit the beach.

The nine-year-old and the dogs were very happy to have some free time to run around on the beach.

And we managed to collect two dog poop bags full of… shells. (Those bags can come in very handy!)

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5 responses to “Down at the beach… are you sure it’s Autumn?”

  1. David Kanigan says :

    Amazing shots…thanks for sharing

  2. Seasonsgirl says :

    Love the young lady facing the island and then jumping the wave 🙂

  3. Jian says :

    Beautiful! Looks like you’re having a great time. I am so missing the beach!

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