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Dear reader, can you help?

From time to time I post a poll or survey on the blog.

It’s in my nature to ask questions – I’m a journalist and I always want to learn more.

My first survey is now on the Polls/Surveys page (link above).

It will remain there permanently – that way new visitors can also join in the fun!

So, please would you please fill in my little survey?

It’s just 8 easy questions but you have no idea how much you’ll satisfy my natural curiosity!

Please note – no personal information is requested and no data is held on file – this is just me trying to find out more about my readers’ blog desires then I can ask the blog fairy to help grant some wishes!

Click here for direct link to survey.

To my readers from the blushing blogger

The poll is still running on what my readers* would like to see more of on KiwiBlogBus.com.

* My heart swells saying these words – it is amazing to me that my blog has readers.. and followers – especially after such a short time – big thanks to you all. I’m grateful for every comment and appreciative of each follower. Please continue to read (and share) my posts. I am loving being a blogger and have SO much more to share with you!

To continue…

The current leaders in the poll (as at todays date) are:
Read More…

Time for a poll …..

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