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Dare I tell you about Simpsons Beach?

From the Kiwi Annisons Archives:

There is a beautiful sandy beach in a stunning Coromandel bay surrounded by rolling green hills, where you can camp just a stones throw from the water’s edge (and I do mean that literally) and the payment for this paradise…
Just $5 a night.

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A story of gold, cyanide and thoughtful preservation

Situated within a large bend of the Ohinemuri River, opposite Waikino village, are the remains of a revolutionary gold processing plant that was once New Zealand’s biggest and best.

The Victoria Battery site was built in 1897 by the Waihi Gold Mining Company to process ore from the large Martha Mine in nearby Waihi. Read More…

Karangahake: Camping in an old gold-mining gorge

After our walk through the 1km old railway tunnel and back along the riverside (read Going for gold in the gorge) we travelled in the Kiwi Blog Bus through the gorge and over to our campsite for the evening.

We stayed at the Department of Conservation campsite at Dickeys Flat. Read More…

Dinner on the bus tonight

Dinner in the Kiwi Blog Bus tonight was pasta with wilted spinach, toasted pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.


(The meat eaters also had some shredded chicken to stir in.)
The glass of Pinot Noir was quite yum too, Cheers!!

Cosmetic surgery – on a bus – on the cheap

A "Before" picture

The Kiwi Blog Bus has had a face lift.

It was done at home, on the cheap, but we reckon it looks pretty good.

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Freedom camping in New Zealand – The good, the bad and the ugly

One of the joys of travelling in the Kiwi Blog Bus in New Zealand is the ability to freedom camp in some of the most scenic spots you could imagine.


Ocean beach, Hawkes Bay

But on the other hand we are sometimes made to feel like criminals.

Freedom camping in  New Zealand has received a lot of publicity over the last few years, unfortunately it’s not all good.
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Our bus takes us to op shop heaven and back

Thrift store, charity shop, recycled clothing store – call it what you will.
Here in New Zealand we call them op shops (which comes from opportunity shops) and.. I love them!

I’m listing this under the category Budget conscious for obvious reasons and I’m blogging about op shops mainly as LOTS of people have voted on my poll for “Ways to save money while travelling”. Read More…

The P in L&P

I mentioned in an earlier post (about Thames) that I would come back to give more details on Paeroa.. so here we go…

You may, or may not  – depending where you live and if you’ve ever visited New Zealand – have heard of L&P.

It’s world-famous in New Zealand. Read More…

Our bus has wings…

…and we could quite honestly not travel around New Zealand without them.

The Kiwi Blog Bus may be a little dishevelled and in need of some cosmetic attention but it very proudly wears its red wings and Read More…

Get DOCked up

We have several options when deciding where to park up overnight and I’ll be mentioning them all in time.

This post is going to cover just one…. Read More…

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