What happens when you put two dogs in a bus?

As we travel around New Zealand in our trusty campervan, The Kiwi Blog Bus, we are always entertained by the antics of our fluffy friends, Jess and Pip the travelling dogs.

On occasions I think they are a pain in the rear end and I wonder why we choose to travel with them when often they could stay at home with the teenage son, but then… they look at you with those big eyes and all is forgiven.

Well almost all.. I still don’t appreciate the fact that Jess has learnt how to beep the horn.

If we park up in town, she watches us walk away from the bus and then goes and puts her paws on the steering wheel and blares the horn until someone rushes back – good trick eh?
We now have to place the dining table over the wheel every time we leave them in the bus.

If we leave them even for a brief time their little heads pop up at the window and they stare at us walking away from them, I swear I can feel their eyes burning into my back.

Guilt.. what guilt?

Jess pretending to be a soft toy

Pip, with dog blanket and pillow, asleep on the step

Jess in one of her new favourite places....

It's a felt-covered tray and she doesn't quite fit into it!


And this is a good example of those big eyes I mentioned!

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3 responses to “What happens when you put two dogs in a bus?”

  1. Bird says :

    I just adore my own dogs, and cats, for that matter…Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lyndell says :

    So you have trained your dogs well to emotionally manipulate you 😉 hahahaha Why is it they pick this up easy, yet still wont come when called?

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      It’s very hard to ignore and walk away from your dogs when they are blaring on the horn of a 7metre bus parked in the middle of town!
      We’re working on their behaviour issues !!
      (Actually – they really aren’t that bad 🙂 )

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