The official medal chart (Kiwi Blog Bus style)

In the spirit of the Olympics ….

(or just because I cannot think what else to blog about today!) this post is about the best of The Kiwi Blog Bus and the winning entries to date.

The positions for most popular post:

Gold medal goes to Waterworks: surely the best fun you can have with recycled objects?!

Silver position (surprisingly!)  Doing it in Public

and Bronze to Falling waters of New Zealand

The most commented on posts are as follows:

Gold: 100th post

Silver: Don’t get too close I may just bite

Bronze: NZ Sunsets Part I

We hope to start getting away in the Kiwi Blog Bus again soon as we hopefully leave the New Zealand winter behind (PLEASE?!)
So should be bringing you some fresh updates in the next few weeks.

In the meantime have a look at the poll which has been running: “What would you like to see more of on THE KIWI BLOG BUS?”

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2 responses to “The official medal chart (Kiwi Blog Bus style)”

  1. Why Not Kenya says :

    I like the way you have awarded your posts. Indeed, “Waterworks: surely the best fun you can have with recycled objects?!” deserves gold.

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