Waterworks: surely the best fun you can have with recycled objects?!

From January 2011…

After a fantastic journey around the Coromandel peninsula we decided to travel inland from Coromandel Town on the infamous 309 road; a winding gravel road which connects the east and west of the peninsula through spectacular scenery and offers lots of interesting sights.

Like 100 wild pigs by the road…

Stu’s Wild Pigs on the 309 Road

We were not planning on travelling the whole road (believe me it’s not always that enjoyable driving on very narrow bendy gravel roads in a 7m bus!) and our destination was less than 5km away.

Waterworks surely has to be the quirkiest theme park in New Zealand.

It’s unique and interactive and like nowhere I’ve ever been before.

Kiwi ingenuity has helped everyday items be transformed into great attractions with fun and games that appeal to all ages.

Giant bar skittles

Fun in the playground area

Lots of hands-on activities that allow you to get wet (or wet other people!)

We were travelling in convoy with my parents in their campervan and together we decided to stay overnight at Waterworks, who as members of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association were an authorised overnight parking site. The charge of $5 to stay is refunded when you buy an entry ticket to the attraction.

This also meant that we got to re-enter the park several times for the duration of our stay and the kids loved the opportunity to go and play some more!

Grandma soon got into the water cannons!

Sam defends himself against son and mum-in-law

The water cannons are just one of the very popular activities at Waterworks

The cafe has a great covered area for relaxing … and… they had liquorice ice cream!

If you are travelling to the Coromandel I would thoroughly recommend you take a detour on the 309 and go spend some time at Waterworks.

It provides clean, simple, friendly family fun and you’ll just have a blast there.

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