Doing it in public

New Zealanders may or may not know that their free public barbecues are a source of wonder to many travellers.

I understand other countries may provide this excellent facility but when I left the UK I don’t recall seeing anything like it there. We have used pits for campfires in the UK and other countries but here I’m talking about free gas powered BBQs.

We have used them on many occasions.

Generally found in parks they light with the simple push of a button and heat up within a few minutes.

A quick wipe over is generally enough but at times I’ve had to use some elbow grease (and Mr Muscle) to feel happy about putting food on there. I’ve heard that many people use a sheet of baking paper or some such thing to cook on.

Ferguson Park, Tauranga 

The poll is still running (see Jan 24th post) but a lot of people have requested more info on ways to save money while travelling.

Kiwis used to this facility may not have associated it with saving money before but in my eyes it’s a FREE way to cook my food so I’m therefore saving money.

And what a burden to have to eat my food in a lush green field with children playing happily around and a view of the sun setting over the water.

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4 responses to “Doing it in public”

  1. sam annison says :

    note it is a recognised skill to be able to cook for 5 with only using 1 hand .

  2. campervancrazy says :

    Thanks for popping by on my blog! just read your bbq post, and you are right – these free bbq facilities are pretty awesome. So far I have seen them only in Australia and NZ. Completely unheard of in Germany where I come from. Funnily enough, nobody in Germany runs his or her barby with gas. It is always with charcoal, which in summer you can buy in bags at most petrol stations.

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      We always used to have charcoal BBQs in the UK but I think gas is a lot more popular now. We found free BBQs/fire places in Switzerland where you could build a fire from forest wood and then cook over it – great!

  3. Ben says :

    Now that’s what i call a BBQ. Us Brits usually have to take our BBQs to the park. Its great to see the Southern Hemisphere embrace the BBQ culture by providing BBQ areas.

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