Don’t get too close today… I may just bite

Today I’m in the mood for a rant… so, sorry no nice pretty pictures, but sometimes things just have to be said.

Regular readers will know that our two dogs, Jess and Pip the travelling dogs, come with us in the Kiwi Blog Bus on every trip.

This of course means we have to exercise them and pick up after them – which we do without fail.

We are responsible dog owners and walk them on leads in permitted areas only, we take them off the leads when we are on mostly empty beaches or big spacious fields/dog parks etc. Many beaches have strict rules about what time of year dogs are allowed on, or if it’s in the evenings only.

When we arrive at the beach/site/reserve we always check if dogs are permitted – if they are not then we’ll move on – even if this means a long drive to a suitable place (as happened to us in the middle of remote Urewera National Park!)

I don’t think there is any excuse for people to ignore “no-dogs permitted” signs.
We have a lot of rare and protected birds and wildlife in New Zealand and the signs are generally in particular areas for such reasons.

But what winds me up most (and a number of people may choose to disagree with me here) is to see dogs in permitted areas but OFF the lead.

Surely when you see this sign….

you know it means dogs permitted if ON a lead??

We recently came across this sign on a walk through Karangahake Gorge and we had a pleasant morning walking our two dogs on the marked pathway…. ON their leads.

Many other responsible dog owners passed us and our leashed dogs exchanged greetings and carried on.

One of our dogs, which I shan’t name but I’ll just say is a white one, is not the most sociable canine and is learning to be friendly to other dogs (with lots of encouragement!).

Then we stumble across Mr The-Rules-Don’t-Apply-To-Me who had his little yappy terrier off a lead and running around our ankles.  He was kind enough (!!) to warn me that I should keep my dogs away from his as it was not always on its best behaviour!

Excuse me?!

Unfortunately the path forked and he took the same turn as us so we stalled and let him get ahead so we could enjoy our walk without my head threatening to explode at the sight of his rowdy, loose, dog running around.

Further ahead we came across our second encounter with a family walking towards us with one dog on a lead and one not. They frantically called the loose dog but it ignored them and we had a snappy encounter as we tried to pass them on the path.

Not good.

My other reason for the rant is that how on earth can people clean up after their dogs when they are several minutes ahead? The dog is out of sight; round a corner, under the trees, or just crapping in the middle of the path but by the time their owners arrived they don’t know if their dog did it or not – of maybe they just don’t care.


Better watch out.. I’m off my leash.

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12 responses to “Don’t get too close today… I may just bite”

  1. annaliebrown says :

    Oh I totally hear you! I get so annoyed when I encounter other dogs’ mess on the lovely walks and dog parks and beaches around us. There’s simply no excuse for it. I was gobsmacked a couple of weeks ago when I saw a dog owner on Lyall Bay beach simply cover up her dog’s mess with sand! And this was at the end closest to the non-dog end, therefore more likely to have a mix of dogs and families. I was too stunned to say anything so just shook my head and walked off.

    We’re also lucky to have a great dog park on our doorstep. On a few occasions I’ve encountered a woman and her two dogs. One is a collie type who she has described as “not great with other dogs”, yet she brings it to a dog park and let’s it off the lead, without a muzzle. It has attacked my dog twice, although thankfully no damage has been done. Next time, she gets both barrels. Grrrr

  2. Stevie D says :

    Yeap and that’s why a lot of dogs are not allowed in these areas. I get really peeved when dogs are not allowed at these place (especially campsite) but sometimes you can understand why. As for poop well it’s bad for any dog owners to leave it behind by it’s always the big dogs poop that’s left behind and as you said because they are off the lead.

  3. kiwidutch says :

    I totally and completely agree!!!

    I was attacked by a German Shepherd when I was a teenager and as an adult I try really to overcome my fear of dogs but it’s REALLY hard whenever a dog isn’t on a lead.

    The size of the dog doesn’t matter, it’s the jumping up and the open mouth that still has the capasity to bring back memories that have me breaking out in a cold sweat.

    It’s amazing that some people think that the rules of good manners and common sense don’t apply to them… not just the leash ones but also the pick-up-their-poop ones too.

    Rant away… stick up for all the silent RESPONSIBLE dog owmers …(I’ll join you if you like LOL)

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      Yup… you cannot beat good manners … for dogs but mostly for their owners 🙂

      • Lorraine Merton says :

        Have just posted a letter to you, and have just read you have dogs. I cannot agree more about dogs being in places they are not s’posed to be, or not on leads when they should be. We went to Rays Rest, Kaiawa, where many Motorhomes park, as it free and right on water’s edge. It has large notices saying NO DOGS, and also says in our Motorhome book too. The people in front of us had a dog, and it was not on a lead. It didn’t venture far, but that is not the point. We will lose these great places to park if people don’t abide by the rules. I actually took a photo and sent it to the MCA, as they were a member.
        What I really wanted to say was that the wonderful place at Kirita Bay, to stay, is dog friendly. Okiwi Bay is too.

      • Kiwi Annison says :

        Lorraine – I know where Ray’s rest is and we purposely did NOT go there as it was clearly NO DOGS. I really don’t get some people who think rules don’t apply to them. That area is a huge bird sanctuary and it’s pretty clear why no dogs are allowed.
        We may have to go to Kirita Bay though 😉
        Thanks for visiting the blog

  4. annette says :

    I totally agree Vicki and am glad you are a responsible dog owner 🙂 those of us who walk with little children appreciate you! It is hard to teach a child not to approach a dog when said dog comes charging up! Thank you also for keeping our beautiful walkways “clean” 🙂

  5. LA Edwards says :

    I am so with you on this one. We do not have dogs, but like them. What two things I hate the most about dog owners that believe they are above the dog rules is 1) maybe if no watches I won’t have to clean up my dogs poo, (even if the free poo bags are feet from my dog taking a dump), and 2) lock their dogs up in a car, crack the window and go about their business with their yappy dog, obviously not happy about being locked in the car, especially if the temperatures are too hot or too cold. It erks me to no end. How would the owners like to be stuck in a car with the window cracked just a titch for air. when the temperature is increasing? I have gone so far as to write nasty notes and place them on the windshields, or better yet, wait for them to return to their vehicle; or call the animal control folks.
    But the icing on the cake is indeed, when dog owners don’t clean up their dogs poo. Why do people own dogs if they are not going to be responsible dog owners?
    I am right there with you Kiwi. Thanks for allowing me to vent as well.

  6. cornishtim says :

    Don’t start me on this one! What is even worse is the dog owner who picks up the poo in a plastic bag and then leaves that lying around! I live in a lovely part of Cornwall and someone on my daily walk is doing this regularly. Wait til I find out who it is! I will growl.

  7. Lyndell says :

    I agree too. It tends to be those owners who have no control over their dog either – you know the ones who are screaming at their dog to ‘come here’ while the dog is ripping something a new one. It is also scary when you go somewhere to enjoy a peaceful walk and the next thing a dog is bailing you up and you have no idea if the dog will bite.

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