New Zealand sunsets part 1

Happy Holidays - April 2007 - Kapiti coast - Sun setting over my children playing on the beach

New Zealand is one of the first places in the world to greet each new day – but for me it’s the spectacular daily farewell to the sun that is much more impressive.

Or maybe that’s just because I witness a lot more sunsets than sunrises.
I’m not an early bird.

Having the Kiwi Blog Bus has enabled us to witness many jaw-dropping sunsets over a variety of NZ locations.

What follows here is a selection of photographs I have taken since we moved to New Zealand in 2008.


(and …. yes… it really is that beautiful)

An evening at Lake Taupo

Looking over Whakatane and the Pacific

Out for an evening stroll at Lake Tarawera outlet

Sunset over the rooftops of Cambridge

Kapiti coast and a Norfolk Pine

Evening at Lake Karapiro

Sublime skyline in Cambridge

Simply stunning sunset at Lake Tarawera

The end of a day at Mount Maunganui

OK... Strictly speaking it's not a sunset photo... but I love this evening picture of my menfolk - taken as we watched the sun setting at Mount Maunganui

If you enjoyed these pictures have a look at this post “Falling waters of New Zealand”
or “Blue toes at Blue Springs”.


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12 responses to “New Zealand sunsets part 1”

  1. Organic Sound says :

    Nice shots!

    Love the photos. 😀

  2. eeryweerywoe says :

    The skies look pretty impressive. A wonderful place I presume?

  3. VisualBanquet says :

    Lovely pictures! NZ is big country and the people have an even bigger heart 🙂 I loved my visit there and look forward to going back to take more photos! You are blessed to live in such a beautiful country.

  4. expatmomof2 says :

    These are gorgeous. They’re just the thing I love to see as we get ready for our big move (still six months away).

  5. Ben Weber says :

    Wow!!! These are stunning!!! Not sure what to expect when we arrive in New Zealand but if these photos are anything to go by, it will be fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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