Move aside work… there is deep thinking to be done

According to the flag counter on this blog (which I check at least ten times daily and it is a source of constant amazement to me) my latest new visitor is from Greece.

I have never been to Greece but as you may or may not know it is on my bucket list.

It just made me wonder if the person in Greece had their own bucket list with New Zealand on it?
Or even, bizarrely (or not) – travelling around New Zealand in a campervan?

Am I not only living my dream life but that of someone else?
Is there someone in Greece, or Peru, living their own dream life but blogging about having New Zealand on their bucket list?

I must learn not to think too deeply about things like this, especially when I have real work to be doing.
I think this is called procrastination.

Did I tell you last week my latest readers were from Mexico and the Bahamas….

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8 responses to “Move aside work… there is deep thinking to be done”

  1. the curtain raiser says :

    How cool that you’re getting hits from Greece, Bahamas and Mexico! Here’s one from an Aussie who has travelled briefly to the land of the Kiwis and thought it stunning (especially the South Island). Kudos for living the dream.

  2. LA Edwards says :

    Sorry, I am from Portland Oregon, where I live with my Aussie hubbie. A bit far from Greece, but I too have Greece on my growing bucket list.

  3. cornishtim says :

    The joy of blogging and reading blogs like yours is that you can take yourself wherever you want. If you ever go to Greece you must visit my niece’s restaurant in Rethymnon Crete – Castelveccio. And you should go to Corfu and the beautiful little village of Vatos and it’e beautiful beach Myrtiotissa. In the meanwhile I am enjoying ‘joining ‘ you in New Zealand. Ta

  4. Kiwidutch says :

    My bucket list involves saving for a slow and detailed Europe-wide tour (probably with a camper) of at least a year or two duration before coming Home to New Zealand for good… Greece is on the list… as are Italy, France, Portugal, Spain… (take it as read that the list contains as many countries north, south, east and west that we could squeeze in LOL)

    Who NEED’s housework? it’s done today and back tomorrow… keep dreaming and planning the bucket list I say !

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      I don’t worry about housework (as my husband can testify!) but sometimes I have REAL work I should do!
      The blog is a very good distraction when I have writers block on my other work 😉

  5. Antonio says :

    Hello! I am writing from Greece. I saw this wonderful blog some time ago and I am reading it whenever I can. I am from Spain, but I am living in Greece while we are waiting for our visa to move to New Zealand so that’s why I love to read your blog, because I hope to be soon in New Zealand living this experience! Thank you very much for share it with everybody!

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