Home sweet home: Cambridge, New Zealand

Seeing as we haven’t been away in the Kiwi Blog Bus for a wee while I thought I would blog today about my beautiful home town of Cambridge as it’s certainly somewhere I’d like to visit if I didn’t live here!

This is not meant to be a full and comprehensive guide to the town, rather a few of my personal pictures that I have taken over the few years we’ve enjoyed living here.

If you want to learn more about this very historic New Zealand town then check out the museum website.

And for those of you that have driven through Cambridge on State Highway 1 and not bothered to stop for a look… this is what you missed:

St Andrews Anglican Church, built in 1873 this is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Cambridge


Bowling Club Pavilion – Cambridge Domain – Built in 1914

Cambridge Clock, Jubilee Gardens. The 13 metre clock tower was built for £655 in 1934.

Cambridge Museum now occupies the building that was built in 1909 for the Court House.

Empire Street, Cambridge

The middle of Cambridge’s shopping area

The Masonic Hotel, Duke Street. Built of timber in 1866 it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1912.

Cambridge Town Hall built 1909. Used as a hospital in 1918 during the influenza epidemic and for many years it was the local picture theatre. In January 1954 Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Phillip stopped there for lunch.

Victoria Bridge, Cambridge: the ‘High-Level’ bridge 35.4 metres above the Waikato River. Sent out from Kansas, USA, as a kitset, it was erected in 1907.

The High Level Bridge, Cambridge, taken from the riverside.

The Waikato River runs through Cambridge

Cambridge river scenery

The parkside setting of Lake Te Ko Utu.

Lake Te Ko Utu

Lake Te Ko Utu

The “Flow-Forms” water cascade down to Lake Te Ko Utu

Thornton Road Gardens include a Begonia hot house, rose gardens, fountain and band rotunda

Thornton Road gardens

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5 responses to “Home sweet home: Cambridge, New Zealand”

  1. kiwidutch says :

    I’ve been to Cambridge as a kid because I have an old travel scrapbook somewhere in my Dad’s attic full of brouchures and childish scrawl notes that says we stayed the night there.
    But to be honest I don’t remember it at all and on our last trip we went north on State Highway 27 and came south on 39 so just missed you both times!
    Maybe next time in the region we can meet up for a cuppa ? 🙂

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      You’re on !!
      And thanks for following my blog – I appreciate your comments 🙂

      • kiwidutch says :

        Actually I gain a lot following your blog… I might be a born and bred Kiwi, but I’ve also lived 20 years outside New Zealand… so seeing again both “old places” that i have memories of and also rediscovering new ones via your blog is great!

        It reminds me to revisit places and to redisover the “kiwi” in me… ok it never left of course, but now I see them with fresh eyes.

        Things have been hectic lately, both at work and we’ve been adding to our travels too so I’m having fun catching up on your blog posts 🙂

        Have to see how my ChCh house stands up and what our travel plans are but even if we don’t get to the NI next trip, we will probably make it a priority the trip after. So… the meetings on! (just the time to be sorted at a later date!)

  2. Concerned says :

    Having lived in Cambridge for a while now I have noticed more and kids on the streets and tagging on buildings . I have also noticed the police pulling up more cars on the roads it seems to me the police should address the real promblems in the town like house invasions ect instead of collecting money for John key . If things are not changed things will get worse and worse

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      I think the problems you mention will be apparent in every NZ town – and also.. many others around the world. But has anything actually changed over the past 30 or so years? Isn’t this now ‘normal’?
      Long gone are the days when children were on their best behaviour when in town for church on a Sunday – and crime happened but was rare.
      Unfortunately, I do think there is a growing problem at the moment stemming from P/meth – leading to increased crime everywhere. Not sure how this can be solved….
      Where’s the reboot button?!

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