Falling waters of New Zealand

There are many in New Zealand.
Breathtaking beautiful, many are dramatic and quite spectacular.
Big, small, narrow, wide.
But all impressive in their own way.

McLaren Falls near Tauranga

It is quite often the setting that really makes them special.
Whether you have walked for 5 or 30 minutes from the car park, you usually find waterfalls in the middle of native bush, totally in-tune with their jurassic-like surroundings.Walking to Mt. Damper Falls near the Forgotten Highway

Quite often you approach waterfalls on a pathway, hearing the thundering sound of the water just before you can smell it, with that freshest of fresh air smell – all ionised and full of charge.

Suddenly the path spits you out at the top/bottom/opposite side of an impressive display of falling water that you’ll swear you’ve seen in a movie. (Maybe you did).

Bridal Veil Falls near Raglan

If you’re lucky you’ll be close enough to feel the fine spray of mist; better than anything that you can buy in an aerosol can.

And you know it’s an impressive waterfall if you have to shout to be heard over it.

Marokopa Falls near Waitomo Caves

These are just a few photographs of falls we have been to in the North Island.
There are a lot more we’ve still to see and then there’s the matter of another island to discover.

Tumbling cascades of Tarawera River on the way to the falls

A nameless waterfall on the pathway to Tarawera Falls

Tarawera Falls – unique in that they emerge through the rock face rather than fall over it 

Mount Damper Falls  – One of North Islands highest single-drop falls

New Zealand certainly knows how to do waterfalls.

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4 responses to “Falling waters of New Zealand”

  1. mrsbr says :

    Wow, nice shots!

  2. jade says :

    ‘Shine falls’ north of Napier is stunning if your ever this way again.

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