Sometimes the best things in life really are free

One of the big things we noticed when we moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2008 was the fantastic and plentiful array of kids playgrounds here.

It may seem like an insignificant thing but when you have three kids who have usually seen broken, graffiti covered, litter strewn playgrounds that normally contained a set of broken swings and nothing too adventurous that you could potentially injure yourself on – then it all came as a breath of fresh air.

Thames playground

Before I get jumped on and all the UK peeps shout at me…. yes, I agree there were SOME nice parks and playgrounds for kids. But I am speaking my opinion when I say that while we lived and travelled around the UK I can honestly say that the large majority of playgrounds were either in undesirable areas or visited by undesirables who used for undesirable purposes.
Sad but true.

Another huge difference for us here was the school grounds.
At the primary school my daughter attends there are THREE playgrounds.
(and the neighbourhood kids are allowed to go play after school and at weekends… no fences or locked gates)

Sure you hear of the occasional broken arm but in general the risk factor isn’t that great – and what a relief to see that parents don’t always wrap their kids in cotton wool.
Even kindergartens have monkey bars and flying foxes!

While we travel in the Kiwi Blog Bus we are fortunate to see many of these playgrounds (it’s a hard life for the kids!)

So here is a small selection of photos I’ve taken at just a few.

And remember happy kids = happy parents with the chance of ten minutes peace!


Whakatane playground


Tauranga playground

Nessie visits Thames

BBQs and playground alongside the sea at Ferguson Park, Tauranga

Hamilton Lake Playground

Hamilton Lake Playground

Hamilton Lake Playground

Hamilton Lake – Who said playgrounds are just for kids?!

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3 responses to “Sometimes the best things in life really are free”

  1. Sheena says :

    This was one of the first things we noticed here too…the boys now 10 love it! Best park to date has been Wanganui.

    • Charmaine Jones says :

      My daughter who is Sydney born and bred would visit her Nana in Wanganui and always plead to be taken to the park on the river. So Cool

  2. Sophie says :

    Yes yes yes yes yes!

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