My bucket list…..

In no particular order – and with no better name for it – this is a list of places I’d like to go and things I’d like to do … at some point in time.

Some are possible and will indeed be ticked off, some will remain a dream.

This list will certainly grow as does my love of travel and encountering new things/places/people.

New Zealand
(with help from the Kiwi Blog Bus to get to many of these destinations)

  • Bay of Islands – I want to see dolphins
  • Dunedin, to compare to my former resident town of Edinburgh
  • Queen Charlotte Sound, a boat trip around the coves and bays
  • Christchurch- we have been before but it’s a very different place since the quakes
  • Akaroa – I want to see dolphins
  • Fiordland – I’d love an overnight boat trip on the Sounds
  • Northland (we’ve only made it up as far as Wellsford so far!)
  • Lake Tekapo – has looked stunning on every picture I see
  • Whanganui National park for some kayaking on the river
  • Nelson – show me that sunshine
  • Mount Aspiring National Park – I have to visit with a name like that
  • Arthur’s Pass – a “must-do” road
  • Waiheke Island, with a couple of wineries for good measure
  • Queenstown and Arrowtown – Beautiful and I might find gold
  • Either of the South Island Glaciers – Franz Josef or Fox
  • Abel Tasman National Park/Golden Bay and a spot of kayaking
  • Blenheim – more wineries please
  • Stewart Island – with or without bus
  • White Island – just how awesome to visit a live volcano on an island!
  • Kaikoura – boat trip – I want to see dolphins

Overseas Destinations

  • Australia – never been, have to go
  • France – revisit – still so many places there I’d like to go
  • Greece – well… obviously… did you see Mama Mia?
  • Switzerland – revisit – visit my brother
  • Canada – the big wilderness waiting to be explored by a bus
  • Peru – a childhood dream, maybe to see Paddington Bear
  • Italy – revisit – love this country (and their food) but still loads I haven’t seen there
  • China – see what the fuss is about this darn wall
  • Caribbean Islands – any of them, just stick a pin in the map
  • U.S. – lots of places but particularly New York (my daughter and I have a pact to go there the year she is 18 and I’m 50!)
  • India – but not roughing it, I want to do it in style
  • Russia – I love vodka
  • U.K. – revisit – go back to see old friends in the place I once called home

Could I possibly do that??

  • Learn French – oui, merci
  • Lose two stones – we will speak no more about this
  • Catch a fish – and then give it someone else to cook for me
  • Write a book – and have it published
  • Learn sign language – so I can talk to everybody
  • Improve my running  eg. do it without stopping breathing
  • Own a highland cow – don’t know why but it would be called Elvis
  • Learn to appreciate seafood (I want to and I’m trying but sometimes…bleurgh)
  • Learn to play the piano – properly
  • See the Northern or Southern Lights
  • Successfully research my family tree – I’ve started but hit some snags
  • Move to New Zealand, buy a bus and start a blog about our travels

This post can also be found in “Random Stuff”
I am open to suggestions (for the bucket list and the blog!) so please pass on any ideas

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