Earlier today, for some unknown reason, a blog post that I was in the middle of drafting decided to post itself live on my blog – 26 times.

I was on the borrowed netbook (again) and left the screen open mid-draft when I had to quickly run out (to collect my new computer from the postshop before they shut – but that’s another story).

When I returned the page had frozen so I closed it down and opened blog to check my stats (Hey, what can I say… I’m addicted!) low and behold….. 26 identical partial blogs had been posted in my absence.

I have deleted, corrected and backtracked until the blog was back to normal.
I will continue with my writing over the weekend and make sure when it posts live it posts ONCE.

Sincere apologies to any of my followers that were notified – 26 times – that there was a new blog post.

I hope you will bear with me and continue to follow my blog.

It’s going to all systems go from this point on.
I now have a lovely new computer sat on my desk – quietly humming, it’s big and shiny (well actually I haven’t taken the protective plastic off it yet so that might be why it’s so shiny).
The screen is wider than my shoulders and after three weeks working on a netbook I feel like I am looking at a cinema screen.

It promises to fulfill all my writing and blogging needs as well as storing my zillions of photos and coping with my internet addiction.

And if it ever EVER posts something in error (26 times) on my blog it’s going to be in VERY big trouble.

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