Meet you at The Mount?

Mount Maunganui is a small town in the Bay of Plenty that takes its name from the extinct volcano that rises above the popular resort.

Situated on a peninsula to the north of Tauranga the area and its beaches are known to most North Islanders as The Mount.

Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui

Long sandy beaches along with the mild sub-tropical climate that the town enjoys, help ensure that New Zealand’s “Surf City” is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in the country.

Beach front parking at Mount Maunganui

A drive over the Tauranga Harbour Bridge takes you past the beautiful boats in the harbour to the sand bar that connects The Mount to the mainland.
Because of this geography there are two beaches at The Mount; the calm waters of harbour beach (Pilot Bay) and an ocean beach that’s popular for surfing, diving and many other activities.

Ocean Beach, Mount Maunganui

Downtown Mount Maunganui has enough shops, boutiques, cafes and bars to suit any vibe you require from busy pubs to relaxing beachfront coffee shops.

Downtown Mount Maunganui

Energetic visitors can choose to climb up the 232 metre high mountain, Mauao, that dominates the town.
I believe that the view from the top is amazing.
I chose to sample the alternative route; the base track around the mountain.

Start of the track UP Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui basetrack

Sea view from the base track at Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui base track leading past Pilot Bay

Paragliding - A quick way down Mount Maunganui

There are two islands close to Mount Maunganui.
Moturiki (Leisure) Island is nearest the Mount and linked to the main beach by a man-made land bridge; very popular for scrambling over after a dip in the sea and some beach time.

Moturiki (Leisure) Island, Mount Maunganui

Further out is Motuotau (Rabbit) Island, a scenic reserve often visited by seals and penguins.

Motuotau (Rabbit) Island, Mount Maunganui

Evening view from Moturiki Island

Floral sand dune display, Mount Maunganui

We visit the Mount regularly as it is only an hour away and we often stay in a nearby selection of  free sites provided by the Western Bay of Plenty council.I am already planning my next trip; It will involve walking UP the Mount rather than around, visiting the famed Hot Salt Water Pools at the base of the Mount to ease my aching feet after the climb, then joining the constant queue of people outside Copenhagen Cones to get a well deserved (and best-selling) ice cream in a freshly baked waffle cone. Devine.

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One response to “Meet you at The Mount?”

  1. annette says :

    great spot for collecting shells, and awesome when the resident sea lion is sunning himself on the rocks. also good at certain times of the year to watch the orca swim up the harbour.

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