Woodlyn Park – truely a unique attraction

It’s fair to say that we do see some unusual sights while driving around New Zealand in an old Japanese school bus, but down in Waitomo we were a little bewildered to see a very large boat placed in a field near a  Bristol Freighter plane and an old railway carriage.

We went to investigate.

Woodlyn Park also caught our eye as there was a large roadside sign saying Free campervan parking.
How could we refuse?

Just a few minutes away from the famous Waitomo Caves, Woodlyn Park offers unique accommodation and has previously been rated in the top five most unique motels in the world.

They also hold a daily kiwi culture show; a mix of pioneer history combined with a farm show, when the audience can participate in activities such as sheep shearing or log exploding.

Up in the main building we met the owner, Billy Black, and one of his newest recruits – a very small black hairy kunekune piglet that snorted and snuffled into the room – apparently it’s to be trained into a motorbike riding hog!

Billy, who has an uncanny resemblance to comedian Robin Williams, set up the Woodlyn Park Complex in 1996 after travelling the world as a professional sheep shearer. He likes to get back on the road when he can and offers educational road shows and conference speaking.

The large barn at Woodlyn is available for weddings, conferences and functions and yet again offers a unique experience. There is an indoor waterfall, old farming artifacts and other memorabilia alongside the growing collection of media clippings from around the world that mention Billy and this very unique attraction.

At the moment Billy is offering free overnight parking to campervans that are self-contained (have their own facilities).

But it’s no problem if you don’t have your own accommodation on wheels – you’ve plenty to choose from at Woodlyn.

  • Worlds First Hobbit Motels – 2 self-contained family units
  • “The Waitomo Express” – a 1950s rail car
  • 1950’s Bristol Freighter with 2 separate family units,one in the cockpit, one in the tail section
  • Waitanic Ship Motel – 5 units within the 1942 boat built for anti submarine patrol during WWII

So what vehicle are you sleeping in when you visit?

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One response to “Woodlyn Park – truely a unique attraction”

  1. Debbie says :

    This place is truly unique but i guess not all like it!

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