Situation update…..

Those that read my ramblings a couple of days ago will know that I am currently computer-less after my desktop died a sudden death and got sent off to Mr Warranty Man for a diagnosis.

Mr W.M. has confirmed that said computer is dead (as a door nail) and seeing as it was only two years old I, very fortunately, get sent a replacement.

Hurrah! and more hurrahing!

And as they are no longer selling the model that I had, I get a slight upgrade as the next available choice is a little over-spec compared to my last one.

I am about to become the proud parent owner of 1TB of hard drive and a 21.5″ screen housed in a HP Omni All-in-one.

Happy days.

I am an internet addict and have not taken this compulsory reduction in my www time very well.
I have also had to be persistently nice to Sam so he’ll lend me his netbook.

Fingers are currently crossed that the lonely external hard drive sat on my desk will make good friends with the new computer and transfer across all my saved data and thousands of photographs I have on file.
I SO hope they are on file.

Mr W.M. would not let me go and pick up the computer from my nearest store – for reasons best explained to someone who gives a damn – so I now have a frustrating wait (up to ten days apparently) for my new best friend to arrive.

But I already know it’s going to be a match made in heaven.

Arrangements have just been made as to where the KiwiBlogBus is travelling to this weekend – come back tomorrow for details.

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