And today my blog is bought to you from …..

….a weekend at home in Cambridge.
A Saturday morning lie-in, drinking coffee and borrowing Sam’s netbook.

I wonder where you are reading my blog from?

My wonderful flag counter tells me that I currently have readers from 45 countries (a fact that leaves me slightly wobbly at the knees) but what I really mean is…  I wonder where you actually are.. right now?

Are you attempting to read on a phone with a screen you are reluctant to admit that you struggle to even see?
Or are you half-reading from a notebook burning your lap while you watch TV?
Or perhaps you’re committing the awful sin of reading while you are at work?

In this day and age of technology advancements being made at the speed of .. well, something really fast…  the web is seemingly accessible from almost everywhere and everything.
I would not be surprised if we soon had internet via our microwaves or refrigerators.

These thoughts come to my mind as for the past two weeks I have had to struggle without my trusty (or so I thought) personal desktop computer.
My two-year-old Dell Inspiron died a sudden death with no warning or chance for last goodbyes.
The warranty people have been very kind but the news has not been very positive so far.
I’m currently waiting to hear if I have to get a foster computer (while they perform open-heart surgery on my beloved Dell) or if it’s time to pull the eternal plug and send my computer to its afterlife and issue me a replacement.

Hopefully it will not be too long before the big empty space on my desk is occupied again by a softly humming computer that connects me to the world and enables me to try and make a living.

In the meanwhile I have to satisfy my internet addiction via my android phone (a very  unsatisfying experience overall) or speak softly and sweetly to my beloved hubbie who then lets me borrow his netbook (but curses when he gets it back and sees all the open tabs and accounts I’ve left signed into).

By the nature of this blog I am destined to need to access the internet while we are away travelling.

To date this has been done via my phone or using a laptop with a modem stick.

If the blog-wishing-fairy is listening and can pull any strings with the right people (or the big man himself.. Father Christmas) then I’d like to mention here and now that I’m pretty sure an iPad would be a very efficient way for me to update my blog while we are away in the bus.

Just saying.

For now I remain yours sincerely…. computer-less of Cambridge.

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