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Summers hols continue – Bay of Islands

So we’ve skipped to night 4 at Paihia, Bay of Islands.
(Night 3 was beachside at Pataua, Whangarei Heads, when a blissful day playing in the water was followed by a noisy rain squall rudely interrupting our sleep at 5am).

The day got off to a wet start and we travelled up to The Bay of Islands with low cloud, no views and my disappointment looming.
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A New Zealand mountain, a sunset and a cafe

Where were we up to?
……..oh yeah…… one of us had climbed a mountain and was ready to rest weary bones and relax for the evening.
And the rest of us were still full of energy.
(Read I’m pathetic on the peaks of Mount Pirongia)
but it was getting late and we had thoughts of dinner in our heads.

So we decided to go park up the Kiwi Blog Bus for the night and down the road in Pirongia village we found just the place.

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The Easter Bunny managed to catch the bus

We are away in the Kiwi Blog Bus in deepest Waikato/ King Country (at a secret location I will post about in a few days time)… And… good old Easter Bunny has managed to find us!


Happy Easter everyone.

Dinner on the bus tonight

Dinner in the Kiwi Blog Bus tonight was pasta with wilted spinach, toasted pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.


(The meat eaters also had some shredded chicken to stir in.)
The glass of Pinot Noir was quite yum too, Cheers!!

Doing it in public

New Zealanders may or may not know that their free public barbecues are a source of wonder to many travellers.
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Blazing bananas

We were away in the bus over New Year.

We travelled to the East Cape as we’d never been before and I heard it was worth the trip.

It rained.

And then it rained some more. Read More…

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