How we came to be honorary kiwis

Today’s post recognises the beginning steps of our life in New Zealand, which ultimately led to the adventures and travels we are now able to make in the Kiwi Blog Bus.

It’s an anniversay day for us.

Three years ago today we got very valuable blue stickers inserted into our UK passports – we were given permanent residence in New Zealand.

We had been here for five months (out of the six allowed as a tourist) and although Sam had a current work visa, myself and the three children were all due to leave the country if our permanent residence didn’t come through in time.

The relief, as you can imagine, was immense.

Especially as we’d already bought a house and shipped over all our personal possessions!

Looking back it does sound kind of mad but from the moment we started thinking about emigrating I just always believed we would live in New Zealand.

I could picture us here.
It was where we belonged.
To me that was fact, not opinion.

In April 2007 we travelled from the UK for a brief three-week visit, just to check we liked the place and make some employment enquiries for Sam.

We hired a motorhome to travel from Auckland to Christchurch then we spent some time in a rental home in Christchurch because, at the time, that was where we thought we would move to.

So in honour of our special anniversary day I thought I would post a selection of photographs from our very first ever road trip in the beautiful land of kiwis.

Our first night in New Zealand - Orere Point

Our rented home on wheels for ten days

Staying at a campsite adjacent to Shelley Beach, Coromandel

The kids discover jumping pillows

The boys went Zorbing at Rotorua

Fishing for Prawns at Huka Prawn Farm, Taupo

Camp site at Acacia Bay, Taupo

SH5 Taupo to Napier Road

Lots to do at our Napier campsite (Kids loved that they were on ebay!)

Dexter had his 11th birthday while we were on holiday


Kapiti coast - beautiful, quiet and relaxing

Paraparaumu - The kids were happy to stay on the beach... forever

I loved Wellington and am keen to get back for another visit

Wellington Botanic Gardens. When you have kids - you have to check out the local parks!

Bolton Street memorial/graveyard - Wellington CBD

Going onto the Interislander Ferry

A view from the ferry got me very excited! My only encounter with wild dolphins (so far!)

Campground at Kaikoura, South Island

Very impressive meals at The Sonic seafood restaurant, Kaikoura

New Zealand fur seals on the Kaikoura coast

South Island coast - on our way to Christchurch to drop the campervan off

Not surprisingly – after this fantastic trip – we decided we REALLY REALLY did want to live in New Zealand!

And here we are.

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6 responses to “How we came to be honorary kiwis”

  1. Parkside Produce says :

    Wow! Your journeys are inspiring and familiar! When we visit NZ we always travel around in order to see as much as possible. We would love to make it our home too, maybe, one day!

    Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog post.


    • Kiwi Annison says :

      It’s very fulfilling to get out and really discover the country that you live in (or are visiting).

      Did you get to Hamilton Gardens when you were over here? They have a great kitchen garden and other fantastic displays.

      Hope you enjoy following the travels of the Kiwi Blog Bus. 🙂

      • Parkside Produce says :

        Oh yes, that is probably our favourite garden! I can’t wait to go back and see the finished Tudor Garden… That will be a blog post for another day! We were there only a fortnight ago, seems like ages now we are back home!

  2. expatmomof2 says :

    Awesome! This is so inspiring! My husband and I were just talking last night about how we would spend our first couple weeks in NZ. Currently, we’ve decided that instead of spending it getting settled in our new home in Gisborne, we should spend it traveling. This post is great motivation for me! Thanks!

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      You’re very welcome! Glad to know I am helping people out 🙂

      It’s very exciting when you first arrive here – I wish I could do those first few weeks again!

      Let me know if I can offer you any advice (but I’m sure you’ve got it sorted!)

  3. Jian says :

    Fantastic! Beautiful reminder of our beautiful country. You know I had a very similar feeling when I first arrived in NZ… it was just simply home. Can’t wait to come back!

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