Hamilton Gardens: a collection of paradise and more

Staying local again this week, I shall take you on a trip to Hamilton Gardens – the Waikato’s most popular visitor attraction.

Indian Char Bagh Garden, Hamilton Gardens

Locals and tourists alike throng regularly through the many themed areas, gardens and collections, all open free to the public.

We are lucky enough to be able to visit the gardens on a regular basis; for dog walks, Sunday strolls, Jazz festivals, picnics and more.

In particular we enjoy visiting each February for the Hamilton Garden Arts Festival when the manicured lawns are filled with deck chairs and picnic rugs as fans of music, comedy, film and arts gather for a fantastic range of events.

These are just a small selection of photos that I’ve taken during our many visits to the Gardens.
They only show a sample of what’s on view.

The place is enormous, and fabulous and probably many other ‘ous’ ending words besides those!

If you can get there at any point to have a look around then I recommend you do so.
And after your stroll around the gardens you can chill out further by visiting the cafe and drinking coffee as you gaze out over the lake.

Bliss !

Garden Terrace Cafe, Hamilton Gardens

The Waikato River from the Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden

Indian Char Bagh Garden

In the coolness of the Indian Pavillion

I think… this is my favourite garden…. then I go next door….

The stunning Italian Renaissance Garden

Italian courtyard along with mini-amphitheatre

My 3 brass monkeys – See no evil, Hear no evil, say no evil

Italian Vine Covered Balcony

Bubbling water features in the English Flower Garden

Maori Garden – Te Parapara

The vast kitchen garden

Getting ready for an outdoor concert during the Arts Festival

Arts Festival fun

Cooling off during the hot February Arts Festival

Oh…. if you do visit… make sure you check out the stunning and intricate wood carving in the foyer of the Events Centre.
My photo does it little justice – it’s three panels wide (this is just a partial shot of one) and amazingly detailed with wacky forest creatures.
Great fun!

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11 responses to “Hamilton Gardens: a collection of paradise and more”

  1. kiwidutch says :

    Here’s me: “favourite garden? Indian or Italian? Indian or Italian? … and THEN I saw the kitchen garden photos!!! (that silver beet is HUGE)…. oh drool… ”

    Darn… too many great places to visit and not nearly enough lifetimes!

  2. YHA New Zealand says :

    For some reason Hamilton gets a bit of a bad rap as a travel destination. Thanks for sharing this awesome and beautiful side of a city definitely worth visiting!

  3. styleat30 says :

    this looks amazing! it reminds me of the Getty Villa in Malibu 🙂 great post, thanks for sharing!

    {travel+style blog}

  4. Tour Explora says :

    I know this place. It’s being more beautiful than I knew few years ago. great

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