We started at Snells Beach…

Our summer trip was underway.

We had packed up the Kiwi Blog Bus with leftover Christmas goodies and collected our Trade Me buy en route (a double kayak – that’s actually a 2 person plus room for a little one).

And we arrived at our first night’s stopover – Snells Beach just past Warkworth (free camping for self-contained campervans).

Seeing as it was already getting late we took the easy option and got fish and chips for dinner (see this link) which we ate while we gazed out at the moon rising above the calm, boat spotted bay.

Next morning we got chance for a dip in the warm waters and tried out our new (to us) kayak.

We had also borrowed a waterproof camera so we had a play with that too!

It was just a brief stopover, as we made our way further up north to our main destination, but we loved this little bay and would love to return for a longer stay and play one day.

I’ll be back soon to take you with me on the next part of our journey into Northland and you can share the stunning destinations we found!

Snells Beach

Cat on beach

Snells Beach

Waterside parking

Kayaking in the bay

Our Park over spot from the water

Taking underwater pictures of shells

New kayak

Double kayak

Underwater toes

Splish splosh

more shells

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2 responses to “We started at Snells Beach…”

  1. cornishtim says :

    Had the most amazing week on Snells beach in a friend’s beach house. Loved it.

  2. kiwidutch says :

    Beautiful region! and a cool kayak that I suspect will see plenty of use during your travels 🙂

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