Whatever the weather

I read in the news today that here in New Zealand we have apparently just experienced one of the warmest Aprils on records.
(April’s record breaking sunshine. )

I must admit we had a pretty crappy summer this year but I can vouch that Autumn has so far made up for it.

New Zealand is supposed to have a temperate climate with four distinct seasons – but the weather can be very changeable and we often get four seasons in one day.

As in this well-known kiwi song by Crowded House…

For non-New Zealanders: the term “South Pacific” may sum up tropical images for you.
However, New Zealand’s location often means extremely variable weather.

The north of North Island is sub-tropical and often has warm humid weather while the south of South Island is subject to Antarctic wintry blasts.

There’s a more in-depth explanation on the New Zealand Tourism Guide website which includes a table of average regional temperatures.

What does it all mean for us…
Well, at home we have a great wood  burner that eats up our free firewood and throws out plenty of heat (kind of needs an off button sometimes!)
When we are out and about we have got used to dressing in layers. You can literally go out in the early morning with a fleecy jumper on and by 10am be down to short sleeves.
And when we are away in the Kiwi Blog Bus (which is sadly without heating in the main living area) we again use layers – of clothes, and of bedding!
We do use the bus in the winter but it can get a little chilly overnight. The blankets come out and bed is often the warmest place to be! If we are on a site with electric available then we plug in a small portable heater, otherwise we can always light the gas burners on the stove for a bit of warmth!

So keeping the theme of today’s post here is one of my favourite songs from Crowded House –  enjoy and may the weather be with you.

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