The journey continues: Marokopa Falls

The approach to Marokopa Falls

The short walk from the car park quickly takes you into an 'enchanted forest'

Some amazing trees - they must provide a fantastic world for small creatures

As you get closer you begin to hear, and smell, the fresh powerfull waterfall

The suns rays catch a delicate spider web hidden amongst the twisted trees

The stunning Marokopa Falls

The falls are often described as the most beautiful in the country

The falls are a popular spot for visitors and the little viewing platform gets you near enough to feel the spray on your face

The surrounding hillside is covered with dense native bush with the glimpse of limestone

If you enjoyed this and would like to see other stunning waterfalls look at my earlier post : Falling Waters of New Zealand

Next time I will post about another of natures wonders (just down the road from the falls) –  The Mangapohue Natural Bridge where we stayed overnight and had a truly amazing experience!

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4 responses to “The journey continues: Marokopa Falls”

  1. Stevie D says :

    nice one Vicki, good to see other people enjoy the places we do.. have you been on the Ruakura walk just as you go past Waitomo caves, heading in the Marakopa direction? Turn left at the little roundabout and follow the road for about 1-2k, little carpark, barbeque and a nice walk – good blog 🙂

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