Cosmetic surgery – on a bus – on the cheap

A "Before" picture

The Kiwi Blog Bus has had a face lift.

It was done at home, on the cheap, but we reckon it looks pretty good.

Not looking very pretty

A lot of sanding and the first coat applied

Sam busy at work on the door

Lower half completed

Paint still going on....

A close up shot of the various stages

That's one side done... now to turn it round!

Finished !

You may notice that our bus now matches our house ..... that would be because we used the same paint! (we are trying to save money!)

All ready to go now.

Check back in a few days to see some pictures of where we got to over the Easter weekend.

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3 responses to “Cosmetic surgery – on a bus – on the cheap”

  1. LA Edwards says :

    I love the van! I love reading about your adventures. You have worked very hard at getting it into tip top shape. You must be excited to take it on a stroll. Hey, I have a general blog question for you, how did you get the flag counter widget to appear from your stats page to your blog page? I love watchig where people are from who read the blog and keeping
    Thanks for any help you may have to share. And I look forward to some more stories! L

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