Rattle ya’ dags! Get your gumboots on and get to Mystery Creek

Ok – I’ll admit it now… this post has pretty much nothing to do with the Kiwi Blog Bus.

BUT… it’s about a pretty cool annual event in New Zealand and a great place to have a day out – that happens to be only 10 mins away from where we live so we don’t have any need to go in our bus – acceptable reason?

Fieldays is the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere – it is also held at Mystery Creek Event Centre  – which happens to be where I now work in a Communications role so that may just be the other reason for this post!

The 2012 Fieldays is on near Hamilton from Wednesday 13 June through to Saturday 16th and if you are interested to see what happens during the lead-up to the event why not take a look at the facebook page I’ve been working on.

It’s a great day out (even if you are a Townie!) and here’s a small selection of photos that I have taken on some of our own personal visits to Fieldays in the past.

Heritage Village at Mystery Creek Events Centre

Kiwis Best – the place to sample and buy some of New Zealand’s quality food and beverages

Lots of animals to see (and pull faces at!)

Giving milk to a baby alpaca

Tractor pull competitions

Stihl’s Festival of Logging Skills with chainsaw carving and wood cutting demonstrations

Excavator Competition – this challenge.. opening a bottle of beer with a digger

Fencing competitions

Very cool sculpture – drum kit made with horseshoes

another great piece of art

and another fluffy animal (she got to brush this one!)

Ok –  blatant plug for Fieldays over.
Next weekend I will be recovering from the four-day event but will try to get on and post a Kiwi Blog Bus related item!

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6 responses to “Rattle ya’ dags! Get your gumboots on and get to Mystery Creek”

  1. kiwidutch says :

    Rattle ya’ dags! Get your gumboots on…. now THERE are two very well used expressions from my childhood springing up to make me homesick LOL

    Is is a permanent exhibition or is it more like a one off weekend (like the regional “Show Day’s”? ) I’m not on Facebook and himself is having computer problems of the tear you hair out variety so now’s nooooot a good time to ask him to try and log on.

    If it’s a permanent exhibition I’d love to add it to our NZ “to do” list… sounds brilliant!

    Don’t worry about a late blog post… maybe you could upload a few photos in advance of a text post to let us see some of the action?

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      It’s an annual show – held every June.
      You’ll just have to time your next trip to NZ around it 😉
      (Although there are heaps of other events going on at Mystery Creek during the year)

      • kiwidutch says :

        Nuts… June’s a tricky one because it’s just before the (European countries) School Summer holiday period starts, if we did a winter trip to NZ if would coinside with the Summer school holiday time here, so we seem doomed to miss this one way or another.
        Still, if they have cool stuff on the rest of the year it can still stay on the list as it definiately sounds very very interesting!

  2. Exotic Travels And Vacations says :

    Pretty cool piece of art.. i love it! 🙂

  3. amazing thailand says :

    Wow.. nice pictures.. i like those art pieces especially the one with a guitar.. I am an advocate of material recycling I love to see art made from trash materials

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