Meet the parents

Those that have read my previous posts may have spotted a mention of my parents.. and their campervan.

They will no doubt be mentioned again in the future so I thought I should formally introduce them to you.

Meet Barbara and Les….

My parents still live in the UK, for now, but love to come and visit us in New Zealand.

They love it so much that when they were here last summer they bought a campervan so they too could travel around and see more of beautiful Aotearoa.

Which also means that when they are here we get to go on road trips together.

Redwoods Forest, Rotorua

Tokomaru Bay, East Cape 

When the evil time comes that we have to go back to work and school (boo, hiss!) my parents can take themselves off wherever they so wish and do a bit of a tiki tour.

We have a parking spot for them at our house in Cambridge so it’s a pretty good base position from which they can travel around.

In Cambridge with the Kiwi Annisons 

They are currently here in New Zealand until the end of March on a much-needed vacation (2011 = annus horribilis).

Hopefully they will get to fully recharge all their sunshine and relaxation levels before they have to go back to the UK.

A little birdie has told me that there might be a visa application winging its way to NZ immigration soon.

In the meantime our kids get to enjoy having their grandparents around:

Campfires at New Plymouth

 A bit of table football

Simpsons Beach, Coromandel

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