In case you want to know who we are?

I’ve had some business cards made up.

But, actually as I’m not running a business they are more like old-fashioned calling cards or modern-day networking cards – take your pick – but you catch my drift.

I've done a little editing on this particular image and have removed my cell phone number that is printed on the actual cards. Don't take it personally, I just don't want you to know it!

Now don’t jump to hasty conclusions….

we don’t just want to tell anyone and everyone about the Kiwi Blog Bus (well, actually, yes we do) but there are several particular reasons behind getting 250 of these lovely pieces of card printed.

Reason 1
We can leave the cards with businesses that might one day be interested in having a product reviewed by us.
Or companies that want the Kiwi Blog Bus to visit them for a destination write-up on the blog.

Reason 2
We often meet people on the road that we’d like to keep in touch with (other travellers, campsite owners, that fellow in THAT bar – you know the one).
So it’s a much more refined way to pass on your email, rather than scribbling it down on a torn off bit of whatever is within reach.

Reason 3
Because we can – and basically why the hell should we not?!
(OK – I ran out of reasons)

The next step in communicating who we are to will be to have some graphics applied to the Kiwi Blog Bus (which is sitting resplendently on our drive ready for the weekend and its first outing since Sam finished painting it).
Something tasteful of course but just to let passers-by know who we are and help spread the name of our blog.
So keep your eye out for us on the road, and, if you do spot us please say hello.

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