Above board and ready to go

The Kiwi Blog Bus was today inspected by the men with all-seeing eyes at VTNZ and was passed for a new Certificate of Fitness – phew!

For the non-kiwis amongst my readers I should explain that this is a six monthly check carried out to ensure your vehicle is safe and road worthy.

It’s not really a problem for many modern cars (although I once had my car fail as I was driving around with a nail stuck in the tyre!) but when you drive a 1981 Japanese bus you do keep your fingers crossed that you get good news.

We also put some more vehicle registration (road tax) onto the Kiwi Blog Bus so we’re officially all legal and ready to go again.

So all being well we can now have a few days away over the Easter weekend.

There’s still a small problem to work around … we need to buy a new house battery as last week the old one went fizzle, crackle and pop like a bowl of breakfast cereal.

Until we’ve got this sorted (eg. got a bit more $$$’s in the bank account) we are going to try running the house electrics from a spare car battery.
We are not expecting this to be very successful.

Hence, I may need to find a camping spot for the weekend where an electricity hook-up is available.

I will be checking my trusty NZMCA travel directory (aka The Bible) for some possible locations and will get back to you on where we’re heading.

We’re probably not looking at anywhere too remote as we need to be somewhere that the Easter Bunny will still find us.
Any suggestions?

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2 responses to “Above board and ready to go”

  1. kiwidutch says :

    Sorry I’m no expert on good camping spots in your area (for the South Island though, for the I’m here!!!)

    I’m really confused, your home’s electrics run on a battery???? surely you are plugged direct into the mains, no?

    Congrats on the bus getting it’s WOF, though, I used to have an old car when I lived in NZ and that long pause the mechanic used to give before he said it had passed it’s medical always made me worry.
    I swear it’s a trick of the trade to see if they can get you sweating LOL

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      In a motorhome/camper/caravan you have a “house” battery (not the one that runs the vehicle engine) which powers the the 12volt electrics. Normally these run lights, fridge, radio etc – you don’t get mains electric unless you either run a generator,use an inverter or plug into a mains hook up.
      We can normally last 2/3 days on our battery so don’t have to go to campsites with electric. The battery then charges up when you drive (if your system is working correctly which I’m not sure ours is!).

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