Getting structural on a beach

Shortly after arriving on a beach, the Kiwi Annisons have a tendency to start building.

There’s just something about it. Maybe it’s because we watched too much Tarzan or Swiss Family Robinson.

Possibly some in-built survival instinct, or we are trying to leave part of “us” in different places around New Zealand, or, maybe just because we don’t like lying around on towels all day.

And I’m not just talking little sand castles here.
No little plastic buckets and spades.
We do it properly.

Sandcastles at Mount Maunganui

Cooks Beach, Coromandel 

Many New Zealand beaches are just asking to have structures built on them.

They are scattered with driftwood and other goodies waiting to be assembled into a fort or beach house.

We have to oblige.

Building a beach house at Tokomaru Bay, East Cape

Tokomaru Bay – New Years Eve 2011

Kiwi Annisons Fort – Ocean Beach, Hawkes Bay

Eating dinner in the fort – Oceans Beach 

We are apparently not alone in our love of building on beaches.

I will finish with photographs taken of an amazing structure we found on a beach near Clive River, Hastings.

Happy building.

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2 responses to “Getting structural on a beach”

  1. Ewan says :

    Awesome fort!

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