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Views from a bus part 1

They say sometimes less is more so todays post is less words.. more pictures…

This is a selection of shots I’ve managed to get from the window or doorway while we have been away in the bus enjoying New Zealand.

Enjoy. New Zealand.

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Get DOCked up

We have several options when deciding where to park up overnight and I’ll be mentioning them all in time.

This post is going to cover just one…. Read More…

Getting structural on a beach

Shortly after arriving on a beach, the Kiwi Annisons have a tendency to start building.

There’s just something about it. Maybe it’s because we watched too much Tarzan or Swiss Family Robinson.

Possibly some Read More…

Meet the parents

Those that have read my previous posts may have spotted a mention of my parents.. and their campervan.

They will no doubt be mentioned again in the future so I thought I should formally introduce them to you.

Meet Barbara and Les…. Read More…

Have Kayak – will travel

As I look back through photographs of our travels I am reminded how much work we have done to the bus and some of the improvements we’ve made that have made life SO much easier.

One of these, which I won’t document too much or publish photos of… was Read More…

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