Summer roadtrip night no.2

Free park over in Whangerai town centre down near the river
Lovely historic town basin, nicely renovated with lots of international boats moored up

Great, and very handy, playground for the ten-year-old!

Dinner – an excellent veg curry, spot on if I do say so myself
Weather – just cooling off this evening, has been very humid all day with the threat of rain but nothing arriving
Mood – just fine and dandy



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3 responses to “Summer roadtrip night no.2”

  1. kiwidutch says :

    Your rain threatened all day… ours delivered.

    ….just as it delivered all day yesterday, all day today and it’s promised for tomorrow too. Enjoy the warmth, sounds very relaxing!

  2. annaliebrown says :

    We parked there too! We only have a portapotty so we were quite grateful that the public loos remained open past the threatened 5.30pm curfew! 🙂

  3. iskandinav says :

    I call this “life” 🙂
    I wish I could visit all those places too. Greetings from Sweden 🙂

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