Well, that was Christmas – Hello summer holidays!

Just a brief post as we’re almost ready to set off on our New Year trip.

The Kiwi Blog Bus is stocked up and groaning under the weight of all the Christmas leftovers.

The togs, towels & jandals are loaded. The body boards are strapped to the roof.

We’ve purchased a double kayak online and are going to pick it up today on our way ‘Up North’.

And the two furry mutts know something is going on; they’re guarding the gate so we cannot drive off without them.

So in case you missed it in an earlier post; we’re heading up to Northland and the Far North (Let’s not say anything about the imagination that went into naming the uppermost areas of New Zealand’s North Island).

It’s a first for us and the Kiwi Blog Bus so be prepared for LOTS of photos which you’ll have to imagine the sound effects to.
Probably something like, “oooooooooooh”, “WOW”, “I cannot get it all in one picture” and ”

In order that I can share my photos a little easier with you I’ve set up an Instagram account for the Kiwi Blog Bus – if you wish to click here and check it out you can follow me (not literally) and watch the page fill up as I’m out and about snapping away.
I’ll still be taking “proper” photos with my trusty Nikon but they’ll have to wait until we return from our trip to be loaded up on the blog.

Heck… I can hear Sam starting the bus up I better get moving or he’ll take the dogs and leave me behind.

See you soon.

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