It’s Christmas Time…

##Misletoe and wine##

or… Pohutakawa flowers and beer!

I wish all my fans and followers the most happy of Christmases.

I hope you get a little something from Santa that brings a smile to your face and that you get to share the special time with close family and friends that are dear to you.

Here in New Zealand, Christmas really seems so laid back after the manic-ness of the UK.

I think we’ll have a leisurely day at home opening presents, eating lots and hanging out by the pool (if the weather’s on our side), before we pack up the Kiwi Blog Bus ready for our summer jaunt.

It’s just the three of us this trip (plus the dogs!) with the boys having their own plans or working and watching the house.

So we’ve decided we’ll head North and check out what all the fuss is about with this “amazing Northland” that we’ve been told we must see!

If you’ve any tips do let us know, especially for dog friendly places 🙂

I’m looking forward to heading to some quiet beaches and a few historic sites for my fill of nostalgia!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a decent holiday away in the Kiwi Blog Bus and you’re all long overdue some decent blog posts!

(You have been warned – come January they will be heaps to read!)

So Seasons Greetings to you all and I’ll leave you with this….Christmas greetings from the Kiwi Blog Bus

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6 responses to “It’s Christmas Time…”

  1. pommepal says :

    And a very happy Kiwi Christmas to you, and safe travelling for 2013

  2. Bryan says :

    Have a very Happy Christmas, an exciting New Year and and safe and healthy year to follow

  3. Maria says :

    Well, you could always stop off at Uretiti, the aptly named ‘naturist’s spot’, but you definitely must pull the bus over at Ruakaka – a truly stunning beach that welcomes visitors heading north and offers them a taste of beachside/seaside promise. I’ve never got used to the oil refinery however, which you’ll see over to your left as you stand on the dunes looking out to sea. Make sure you to go the waterfront in Whangarei, and the Cameron Street Mall is pretty cool. Then follow the nose of the bus and explore the plethora of beaches that make this part of the country blessed.

  4. kiwidutch says :

    Northland is amazing…. have fun and Merry Christmas!!!!

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