Lake Tarawera and The Buried Village

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In central North Island, near Rotorua,  stands Mt Tarawera – the volcano that caused New Zealand’s deadliest eruption.

Mt. Tarawera erupted in 1886 killing 150 people, destroying the famed Pink and White Terraces (reputed to be to eighth wonder of the world) and burying the village of Te Wairoa where many international tourists came to stay.

The Buried Village Experience offers you the chance to visit the excavated village and an award-winning museum on a stunning 12 acre site.

 A walk through the Buried Village takes you past Wairere waterfall


View to Lake Tarawera from the Buried Village

Lake Tarawera is the largest of a series of lakes that surround Mt Tarawera.
Many of the lakes changed dramatically in shape or area following the 1886 eruption; the waters in Lake Tarawera rose 12 metres.

The shores of Lake Tarawera are a short drive from the Buried Village and well worth a visit.

Lake Tarawera – a popular play area for kiwis!

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4 responses to “Lake Tarawera and The Buried Village”

  1. David Kanigan says :

    Beautiful shots!

  2. South of the Strait says :

    Thanks for the post. I remember traveling to this spot with my family when I was young. There was something about the destruction of the village that really stuck with me. It certainly made me question the orderly universe as I knew it.

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      I found the Buried Village quite fascinating. Obviously disturbing but still very interesting.
      The family who run the place (for several generations) have done a very good job there.

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