Memories of Christchurch

22 February 2012
It is one year on since the earthquake in Christchurch that killed 185 people and devastated the lives of families around the world.

This is my personal memorial…

These pictures from Christchurch were taken in April 2007 while we were on a recce trip there.
At the time we thought that it was where we would emigrate to and Sam already had job offers from several companies there.
It was a simple matter of returning to the UK, selling our house and then we’d move to Christchurch.
Or so we thought.
Things turned out differently – as they so often do – and we were not to return to the Garden City.

I cannot think about the what if….

Today Hagley Park in Christchurch was the location for just one of many memorial services around New Zealand.

Five years ago I walked through Hagley Park with my husband and our three children.
We laughed and joked and mucked about.
We went on boats on the River Avon, visited the cathedral and enjoyed a tram ride through the city centre.

When I look through our holiday photographs it’s hard to imagine that the floor where we stood is now cracked and open and many buildings that we visited or saw are now fallen or damaged.
I think about the little house we rented in Avonside.
I remember all the local folks we met in our short time there.

And so I sit and look through holiday snaps taken in a place where we once thought we would go to live.
And I think.
And I remember.

Kia Kaha – be strong

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2 responses to “Memories of Christchurch”

  1. pommepal says :

    I am in Christchurch today and walked around this beautiful courageous city. The sun was shining and every where people were working at restoring it to normal. But it will take years.

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      I send my love and best thoughts to the city of Christchurch and its people.
      And I look forward to the day I can return to see the city that once opened its arms to us.
      I hope you enjoy your time there.
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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