Road trip reaches Tolaga Bay and Gisborne

Just photos today….
I’m feeling a little bleugh and don’t really trust my washing machine head and the thoughts spinning around in it.

These pics are from our road trip taken around the East Cape of New Zealand this January.

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll have travelled with me all the way round the East Cape on the Pacific Highway from Whakatane.

We are now at Tolaga Bay and then travel further still to Gisborne.

Tolaga Bay, North Island, New Zealand

Captain James Cook and the crew of the Endeavour came ashore here in October 1769

Tolaga Wharf, 660metres, the longest in New Zealand

Built in 1929 the wharf was used for berthing large ships until it was closed in 1967

Tolaga Wharf

The wharf is now a category II listed historic place

Wharf jumper

Caves in the adjacent cliffs

Captain Cook statue at Gisborne

Poverty Bay, Gisborne - the site of Cook's first landing in New Zealand in October 1769

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