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How I almost lost my husband in Gisborne

For the past week I have been posting blogs about our trip this summer around the East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island.

I will finish off on this particular road trip with details of our visit to a Gisborne museum: The East Coast Museum of Technology.

As I’ve mentioned previously (see musings) we LOVE museums – of any kind.

We have seen many different varieties from London’s Natural History museum to the Louvre in Paris and Te Papa in Wellington.

We’ve visited several small museums run and owned by one devoted collector or another.

But we’ve never quite seen anything like the ECMOT. Read More…

Road trip reaches Tolaga Bay and Gisborne

Just photos today….
I’m feeling a little bleugh and don’t really trust my washing machine head and the thoughts spinning around in it.

These pics are from our road trip taken around the East Cape of New Zealand this January. Read More…

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