Penguins and pews on the East Cape

From Opotiki we travelled north-east (ish) along the pohutakawalined, ocean hugging Pacific Highway.

The road passes through small settlements and towns.
Past brightly coloured primary schools and roadside veggie stalls.
Signs at the end of long driveways denote the hobbies and occupations of locals; pig dog training, book binding, hotglass jewellery, owl chopping boards, honey & beeswax.

Unfortunately the weather was not great for our trip and some days were full of dismal grey skys although we were lucky and escaped most of the rain that fell in New Zealand over this New Year.

Whatever the colour of the background sky it was still impressive to approach the historic Raukokore Anglican Church sat prominently by the ocean.

There was a sign inside the church apologising for any fishy smell coming from the nesting penguins who had entered under the building and made a home under the font!

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