Dear reader, can you help?

From time to time I post a poll or survey on the blog.

It’s in my nature to ask questions – I’m a journalist and I always want to learn more.

My first survey is now on the Polls/Surveys page (link above).

It will remain there permanently – that way new visitors can also join in the fun!

So, please would you please fill in my little survey?

It’s just 8 easy questions but you have no idea how much you’ll satisfy my natural curiosity!

Please note – no personal information is requested and no data is held on file – this is just me trying to find out more about my readers’ blog desires then I can ask the blog fairy to help grant some wishes!

Click here for direct link to survey.

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4 responses to “Dear reader, can you help?”

  1. eeryweerywoe says :

    I would love to fill in your little survey but i can’t find it. Please help?

    • Kiwi Annison says :

      Cripes – just seen that the screen size has chopped off the “start” button.
      I will try and amend but for now you can access it via the survey page (link at top of this page)
      thanks for letting me know 🙂

  2. eeryweerywoe says :

    Finally got round to completing the survey.

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