To my readers from the blushing blogger

The poll is still running on what my readers* would like to see more of on

* My heart swells saying these words – it is amazing to me that my blog has readers.. and followers – especially after such a short time – big thanks to you all. I’m grateful for every comment and appreciative of each follower. Please continue to read (and share) my posts. I am loving being a blogger and have SO much more to share with you!

To continue…

The current leaders in the poll (as at todays date) are:

1. Attractions to visit and things to do
2. Stunning New Zealand locations
3. Ways to save money while travelling

As a writer I am pleased to see that there is only a 1.6% vote for “Less talk more pictures”.

While blogging about the many diverse aspects of travelling around New Zealand in our bus – I am keen to post more about what you all find interesting as opposed to my varied ramblings on everything and anything.

Therefore I have moved the poll into the permanent “Random Stuff” section to allow new readers the opportunity to vote on what they would like to feature more of.

If you have stumbled across todays post please be assured that I normally blog on a more interesting issue than that seen today (perhaps have a look at the previous post on Blue Springs before you make judgement) however I felt it important today to “reach out” to my readers and let you know that I will be paying close attention to the poll results and blogging according.. whilst I blush with the privilege of having;  my readers.

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