On the road again (part 3)

So after Paeroa we continued on the road.

Waihi for a lunch stop and then on to the coast.

We found a free overnight spot at Katikati in an authorised car park for self-contained campers.

Very handy for launching the kayaks and it would have just been rude not to give them a try on the calm waters in the bay.

Two surprises….
– Beyond the car park and down on the beach there was a wicked wind whipping up. It was quite choppy out on the water and getting anywhere was like paddling uphill.
– A more pleasant surprise… the water was warm. SO warm! I’m talking bath water temperatures!

When the wind got really chilly it was actually warmer to hop out of the kayak and walk in the water towing the kayak back to shore!



A number of fish put on a jumping show so the Kiwi Annisons & co made a valiant attempt at acquiring some fresh fish for supper.

The BBQ was fired up for cooking the sausages (we will say no more about fish) and the sun set beautifully over the water as we ate al fresco.

A quiet night was had by the waterside and we ventured onto the beach again the next morning and gave the dogs a good chance to have some fun on the deserted sands (are we sure this is a public holiday??).






I’m currently sat in the bus in our next location.. which is even more beautiful, the water even warmer and I’ll fill you in on the rest tomorrow.

updated with photographs on 6 Feb

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One response to “On the road again (part 3)”

  1. Barbara Levs says :

    ..have to second your remarks…it’s been a wonderful weekend and the temperature of the water was amazing…I finished the afternoon just floating inthe shallows….with bouyancy aid still on lol..so relaxing..awesome!

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